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Veteran Support: Choosing the Best Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Maryland
October 4, 2023 at 4:00 AM
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Active duty military and veterans face many challenges in overcoming addiction and substance abuse. For many vets, co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) complicate recovery. This is on top of reintegrating into civilian life and the family unit.

Seeking help is a significant step in getting you on the road to recovery, and it begins with choosing a suitable treatment facility. This article will discuss choosing the best inpatient alcohol rehab facility in Maryland that offers veteran support.

Specialized inpatient services for veterans

Every veteran will have unique needs, so you’ll want to ensure that the inpatient treatment facility you’re considering can provide you or your loved one with the right type of long-term care. Look for inpatient rehab centers specializing in co-occurring disorders with programs specifically geared toward veterans. Most of these types of programs are holistic and generally include the following:

  • Teaching how to recognize and handle relapse triggers
  • Strengthening a veteran’s will and motivation for change
  • Offering therapy for veterans to learn how to gain coping skills for dealing with life’s stressors
  • Providing family and couples counseling to repair damaged relationships
  • Recommending ongoing outside support options (like Alcoholics Anonymous)

Veterans who are battling alcohol or narcotics abuse may also want to consider seeking treatment at a center that specializes in that specific type of addiction rehabilitation.

Inpatient vs. outpatient treatment for veterans

With inpatient and outpatient recovery programs, there are many benefits and drawbacks to consider. You have to decide what is best for you based on various factors. These include the severity of your addiction, the amount of support you have from your family and friends, cost, and personal preferences.

Standard treatment options worth considering as you look for a recovery center include:

  • Outpatient counseling
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Evening and weekend programs
  • Self-help groups

Treatment and therapy options

Depending on your specific needs, you’ll want to look for facilities that offer programs and treatment therapies with medically assisted detox, drug substitution therapies, and continuing care with a focus on preventing relapse.

VA vs. other options

Military veterans who have not been dishonorably discharged and are enrolled in the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) healthcare system can receive free substance abuse treatment through the Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program. Along with the financial incentive, many veterans benefit from seeking treatment through programs specifically tailored to their needs and provided by qualified professionals to help them.

On the other hand, some veterans don’t want to use these benefits. The reason is that they want anonymity and a fresh start. The VA is reported to have long wait times and concerns over the quality of care. For veterans who don’t like or feel comfortable seeking treatment through the VA, there are other facilities to choose from.

Learn more about one of the best alcohol rehab centers for veterans!

Veterans deserve quality healthcare and support tailored to them and their specific needs. By attending an inpatient rehabilitation center designed just for them, they will have access to mental health support, medical care, personalized treatment plans, and connections with other vets. All these factors are essential to living a healthy and sober life after military service.

If you or a loved one is a veteran suffering from addiction, choosing an alcohol rehab center is the first step on the road to recovery. When you are ready to receive help, get in touch with the professionals at The Valley.

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